exporting total from another spreadsheet

How can I export a final total from 2021 into the 2021 spreadsheet? Previous version was just = then insert and enter. That doesn’t work now. Can you help?

That should still work. Please describe step by step what you are doing.

I put an = in the spreadsheet for 2021. Go t the 2020 spreadsheet and tag the cell, hit enter and end up with ERR where the total was suppose to go. I worked on my earlier version, but not with this one.

which LO version are you using?

I’m using 7.0

The error message is Err:546 if that helps any

Do you get the same error, wenn using the checkmark
image description
instead of pressing enter?

All I can say is “YAY” – it now works. Thanks for your help.

Well … ok.
Glad you figured it out yourself.
Have an awesome day / night.