Extension development. Notification mechanism.

I am writing an extension for the LibreOffice Writer and would like to show a notificatio popup to the client when a new version of the extension is avaialbe.

What UNO class/service I may use in order to achive that functionality.

I use ubuntu OS.
Java lang


Thanks for the link. I’ve added online updates.
But when there is new version of the extension and I open the libreoffice, it does not show that there is a new version available.

And in the Options Dialog I do not see any available settings/options that allow to configure notifications about availability.

  1. I get it that you added the online updates. But you didn’t mention does it work when you check it manually in extension manager.
  2. The update check options are under Options->LibreOffice->Online Update. Note that the check is weekly by default.
  3. Failing that, please check how it is implemented in other extensions that are known to create notifications, e.g. AltSearch (download and install an older version, and trigger the check from the mentioned Options page to see the notification after exiting Options).