Extension manager broken?

I’ve used the Extension Manager before so I know it used to work. Now running macos 10.12 Sierra or Windows 7. On macos I have LO 5.1, Win 7 is running 5.2. I tried to install LanguageTool on both. On the Mac either an install or just asking it to check for updates sends LO W into a state were it uses 147% of two CPUs and grabs more and more memory until the system complains about it grabbing all there is and has already begun to suspend other processes. On win 7 it just goes into a resource loop and never comes back but nevers seems to grab any resources. Tried installing Lightproof on Win 7. Same problem.

Is this a known issue at all? Is there a fix? Is anyone working on it?

Thank you.

I just downloaded Language Tool 3.6, almost 70 MB, and it installed in a matter of seconds in Libre on Windows 10. Maybe your user profile has become corrupted. Try if a reset of the user profile solves your problem.