extension update : new release not showing up

I am still confused with the process of submitting a new release of my extension (a spellchecker)

How do you explain the difference between the two screenshots below ? (thanks in advance, please feel free to forward my question to others)

  1. taken on the PC where I published the new release 1.6 : it is there and listed as a “stable release”

  1. at the same time on another computer (mac OSX) : only old version 1.5 showing up ? what’s the problem ?

I have had a similar problem when publishing a new release for an extension.

The selected target language for the new release was “English” and I was not able to see it because my browser is configured to use “French” as prefered language.

Here’s what I did to solve this problem :

  • go to the page of your extension release
  • click on Edit > Metadata
  • in the language menu, choose “Language neutral”

May be this can solve your problem…