Extensions won't work on LO 7.5

Since LibreOffice was upgraded to version 7.5, one of the two extensions I use won’t work at all, and the other extension works on some distros, but not on all of them.
I use two extensions for grammar checking, and one of them, the brazilian version of LightProof, called “Projeto Vero”, won’t work on any distro I tested. My daily driver is currently Ubuntu MATE 23.04, but I’ve also tested the extension on OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, Fedora 38 and NixOS 23.05 and it wouldn’t work on any of them. The extension hasn’t had any updates since 2021. Also I tested it on LO 7.2 and 7.3 and it worked fine on both of them.
However, I sometimes also use the LanguageTool extension, and it won’t work on Ubuntu MATE 23.04. It wouldn’t work on NixOS either. However, on Arch and Fedora 38 it worked.
The fact is that on my main computer, on Ubuntu MATE 23.04, I can’t get any grammar checking working. I have a JRE installed, the options for grammar checking are enabled in the option menus, and LO won’t give me any errors if I open it from the terminal. One thing to note is that with LanguageTool, when I click on the extension icon to verify the document, it tells me to enable it in the options menu, even though it already is enabled.
Can someone help me troubleshoot that, or, if we determine it’s a bug, help me report it on the relevant channels?

Can’t help with your problem, but when I read this I’d start at Ubuntu using snap for LibreOffice. If you used apt to install LO in Arch I’d try to replace the Snap with a traditional install via apt. Then check, if it is working then. If this “solves” the problem, it may be intresting to find out why it is not working in snap.

I have only used native packages on all of the distros (deb packages on Ubuntu). Still, thanks for trying to help!

The two extensions you mentioned were both proofreading (grammar checking) extensions. Which looks like tdf#155647, which in turn asks which was your 7.5 exact version (and why didn’t you tell it from start :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), because it appeared in 7.5.4, and is fixed in upcoming 7.5.5.

Yep, LO on Ubuntu here. Differences in the exact version probably also explain the different behaviours on different distros. Sorry for asking about something that was already resolved! I couldn’t find that bug report before. Thanks for the answer! :slight_smile:

Please don’t be sorry - it is perfectly fine. Searching Bugzilla is tricky, and e.g. personally I encourage people to not waste time searching for duplicates when filing bugs (and of course, when asking questions) - because it is literally a waste, when you do not “live” in the bug tracker :slight_smile:

And sorry for creating trouble (it was my patch that broke it :slight_smile:) RC1 is already available for downloading (bottom of the download page).

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