External File links to useful APIs

Some of you may have guessed - I like to “tinker” with CALC and one of my interests has been Forex.

I’ve scoured the web for freebies for use in some of my experiments and today came across an extraordinarily generous site. Just like LibreOffice, everything is genuinely free. They also encourage developers to integrate and produce their own connections. They don’t just do Forex.

They appear to have meaningful integration with both eXcel & Sheets.

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I’m convinced that some of our community experts would not only benefit from having a quick look to ascertain whether there is any value for LO but also, from what they will glean, they are undoubtedly going to be able to offer the mere mortals amongst us even more help.

I know it’s not a question. I don’t know if I’ve broken any rules. I certainly don’t need to offend anybody. If I’m the only person in the community who didn’t know of this site then that’s two things I learned today.