Extra lines in report after a crash

My Libreoffice crashed, when I opened it back up my Report is adding extra lines after every entry.The print repeated value is set to no (as well as on group change). How do I fix this??
Libreoffice on W10 using HSQLDB!


Can’t see any means to decipher any problem as this is simply a report. For all that is shown, that is how it is designed. At the very least an image of the design and input to the report, but better yet a sample Base file.

It also appears you have changed from Firebird to HSQLDB. Is that correct?

Don’t you have a backup copy which may work?

The report was being generated without the spaces (as was intended) until LO crashed.I have a backup, but itis missing about 30 minutes worth of work. If I could get rid of those extra spaces in a few minutes I will.
And yes, I changed to HSQLDB.

I do believe what you state. However, you only present an image of a document with nothing to support what is supposedly incorrect.

Is there any way to upload my db here?

EDIT: Found the option to upload my db.

Yes - edit your question. Then on the toolbar (upper left corner of question) use the paperclip tool to attach.

I found it and added it


Have deleted you sample because it appears there is personal and or confidential info in the tables. Have a copy to review your problem. Please scrub this type of info before posting!

Edit: Sorry but in my haste, I also deleted the report image. Not really needed.

The defective report was the Resto Report


Yeah - thanks for telling me the info AFTER I found the problem.

On the Data tab for the report, set Analyze SQL command to No:

Not certain how this worked before as there were actually a number of problems (SQL) and there is no method I see to attribute this to a crash.

I believed the deleted notation worked since your query produced 20 records and the report generated 20 records. Your comment had me look closer at the actual data. Your report definition showed you had two groupings set but nothing about groups on the actual report. So going back to the SQL, it turns out you were creating duplicate records needlessly and even used a table which wasn’t even referenced (Corporate Info).

The correction is simple - correct SQL. You can view SQL by editing Resto query by selecting Edit in SQL View and change:

FROM "Corporate Info",
     "Reservation Time & Date",
WHERE "Corporate Info"."Corp ID" = "Corporate Info"."Corp ID"
AND   "Reservation Time & Date"."Contact ID" = "Contact"."Contact ID"


FROM "Reservation Time & Date",
WHERE "Reservation Time & Date"."Contact ID" = "Contact"."Contact ID"

This results in 5 lines in the query and report.


The above can also be made much more simple by just editing the Resto query and delete the Corporate Info table. That appears to be the entire problem.

The problem persists. The empty spaces are now being populated by repeat reservations

OK - will look again. Deleted report image as it also has info which should not be displayed. Please take care in this regard.

Deleting the Corp INfo Table did indeed fix this. And I think I know why there was a difference before and after the crash.
I think, after I added the table in my query I saved my work then continued adding to my report (and testing a few times along the way and seeing it was working). Then a crash. When I opened back up I had my query with the Corp Table included but nothing in my report from that table!

Thank you for the help!