Extract financial data from Yahoo Finance, Finviz

How do I extract FLOAT data from (Yahoo Finance, Finviz) into LO.

I could copy/paste each data point but this would take to long to complete.

Yahoo Finance: Agilent Technologies, Inc. (A) Valuation Measures & Financial Statistics
Finviz: A Agilent Technologies, Inc. Stock Quote

You can copy the entire table and paste that. Just be careful when highlighting the table headers and data on the website. If the table stays in a regular format, then paste into one sheet and use REGEX, VALUE, etc. to convert that data and show on a different report page.

If by “extract” you mean through automation, that’s another issue, of course. I hate saying this, but the ‘AI’ engine in Microsoft Power BI or MS Excel using PowerQuery would probably make light work of this.

The second one as html seems possible through Menu/Sheet/External links.