Extract pages by page number

Assume a large ODF document (several hundred pages, hereafter referred to as “source document”), of which only specific pages are to be extracted. These extracted pages should form a new ODF document (hereafter referred to as “target document”). For example, in a source document of 300 pages, I wish to extract pages 13, 98, 112-114 and 251. The target document would consequently be six pages long.

How can I perform this task in LibreOffice without having to copy and paste these pages individually? I am looking for a solution similar to printing a range of pages, yet have the target pages editable by LibreOffice.

Given the answer from RGB-es, manual copying and pasting of the relevant pages is necessary. For the sake of simplicity, I do this under the web-layout (View → Web Layout).

I don’t think that an “easy” way is even possible. Even if you write a macro to do the job it still needs to go to each page one by one and then copy paste them.

The reason why this process it is so difficult to automate is that Writer is not a page layout program: pages are determined by content flow so you cannot move a page around, you move the content on that page and then the program repaginates accordingly.