Extremely slow style/model configuration window

I have been happily using LO 4 for quite a long time, recently on my new laptop with windows 10 and 16 GB ram I decided it was time to upgrade to LO 5, but I had the feeling it was not working properly with my 4K monitor so I tried to upgrade further to (x64) to see if it fixed itself. Unfortunately I still have loads of problems when I try to modify a style both in writer and impress, or the slide dimension in impress and so on. The box takes up to 60 seconds (not exaggerating here!) to open. I really cannot wait that long just to change one style!
I cannot figure where the problem could be, the files open with no big deal and I can work with no problem, unless I try to change any of the document properties!

UPDATE: seems fixed in

Please test Menu/Help/Restart in Safe Mode, maybe an issue with the profile.

I am having a similar problem with LO on Mint Linux (tower PC, 16 GB RAM, ultrawide screen). LO Writer and Calc are constantly very slow, and dialog boxes sometimes take 1/2 minute or more to open. Doing tables in Writer is painfully slow. Tried disabling OpenGL rendering, but still no effect.

Thank you for your suggestions. Unfortunately it is not related to my profile. I have restarted in safe mode and the problem was still there, I have completely renewed my profile with no change. What I have noticed is that once the screen resolution is lowered, the problem seems to be mitigated or non existent. I have noticed that my copy of LO portable 5 shows the very same problem when used on my 4K laptop, but works fine on other computers.

I just want to let you know that after updating to (x64) the problem seem fixed. Thank you everybody for your suggestions.