Fade out out-of-group elements when entering group

Until at least v4.x LibreOffice used to have this nice feature that when you enter a group of drawing objects (in Draw or Impress), everything outside of that group was faded somewhat, which made it much easier to see which of the elements were part of that group and which weren’t, and to notice when you were editing a group instead of the whole drawing.

I’ve barely used LO for a few years, jumped a few versions, and now (v7.0.3.1, on openSUSE Tumbleweed), it seems like that no longer happens. Is this intended, can it be turned back on again, or is it a graphics issue on my end? This is one of the things I really missed in the time when I had to use Powerpoint at work…

… everything outside of that group was faded somewhat, …

I cannot confirm your statement. In the ReleaseNotes 4.x to 7.0 there is no information about such a remote function. See:


In the header you can switch to the individual ReleaseNotes.

If you intend to return to a 4.x version, go to the archive:


No, this was not still working in 6.4, because it broke in 6.2 (was still working in 6.1). This is a regression (not an intentional change) namely tdf#122735.

oups ! sorry for the mistake, indeed i upgraded from 6.1 and not 6.4 ; i found the same bug on bugzilla yesterday, which was reported in … early 2019, and still not assigned for fixing …