Failed Installation - Libre Office 3.6.3

I have downloaded the two files in order as suggested. The 1st file is named: LibO_3.6.3_win_x86_install_multi.msi From The 2nd file is named: LibO_3.6.3_win_x86_helppack_en-us.msi From

The 2nd file (helppack) installed properly. The 1st file (204.28mgb) will not install. When I double click on iyt the installation does not begin.

What must I do to install Libre Office? Thank you

Have you tried to install the files in the right order, the big one first ?

If the installation does not start when you double-click the file, you should verify:

1/ On XP : you have the MicroSoft Installer to handle msi files

2/ the downloaded file is not corrupted : you can verify the check sum (md5sum).