Failure to save parts of a modified style

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I’ve modified 3 different styles and when I save the document it saves most of those modifications but not all of them.

In the header 1 I have modify the Area to be a gradient from white to dark orange. This does not get saved when I close the document and open it again.

However the indenting changes I made to Header 1 do get changed and the changes I’ve made to custom styles for paragraphs and bullet points do also get changed.

I’ve tried to create a custom style based on header 1 and change that and that doesn’t save the changes I make to the Area either.

Any ideas?

Is your document saved as .odt? .doc(x) has no notion of gradient background; this setting can’t therefore be saves in this file format.

It’s saved as “Word 2007-365 (.docx)”

If I save as .odt it’s OK.

Thank you

All Writer features are compatible with ODF format. Saving in other than native format is known to cause compatibility issues because not all formats support the same set of features.

In particular, the AskLO site has already warned users about the gradient background which is not present in .doc(x) format.

If you are writing a document which is something more than can be done with a text editor, always save native .odt.

Any other format will result in loss of information as you are systematically reminded with a warning dialog at save time.

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