Fatal Error on startup

I cant get libreoffice to run, every time I click on the icon I get the following Fatal Error

The program cannot be started. The service manager is not available.
(“Premature end of file ///c:/users/Winstanley?Appdata/roaming/libreoffice/4/users/extensions/bundled/registry/com.sun.star.comp.deployment.component.PackageRegistryBackend/common.rdb”)

I am using a samsung laptop model NP350V5c running windows 8.

I’ve tried downloading and re-installing libreoffice and selected repair but the error message still appears.

What can I do to make it work?

You do not mention your LO version, however you question would appear to be the same as this one. The related bug fdo#62253 appears to be languishing in an UNCONFIRMED state has been resolved as a duplicate of fdo#51252, which was fixed for v3.6. The suggestion is that this issue relates to an installed extension and that removal of the extensions/ directory in the User Profile (as indicated in this thread) can help.

There are details in comment #35 of fdo#51252 as to when and how this problem may come about. It seems to relate to the process of copying over previously installed extensions, when upgrading LO from a prior version. It is also suggested that the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) is a requirement.

fdo#62253 has been marked as a duplicate of fdo#51252.

I will edit my answer to better illustrate possible solutions.