Fatal Error - User Installation Could Not Be Processed Due to Missing Access Rights

I ran into this problem and thought I would post it and indicate what worked for me in case anyone has the same problem and doesn’t want to freak out.

I was using LibreOffice version 5.something, mouse was acting strange, saved, exited, went to open again, bunch of files got selected and started to open so out of frustration (it was a Saturday and I didn’t want to be a work) I just hit reset on the computer and thought that would fix things. It didn’t.

When I went to open LibreOffice I got the following message:

LibreOffice (version) - Fatal Error
The application cannot be started.
LibreOffice user installation could not be processed due to missing access rights. Please make sure that you have sufficient access rights for the following location and restart LibreOffice:

C:\Users(NAME OF MY COMPUTER/ME)\AppData\Roaming\LIbreOffice\4

I was using Windows 7 and I’m the only one using it, with no special passwords to use and no alternate users set up.

I installed the newest version of LibreOffice, same problem, uninstalled LibreOffice, resinstalled new version of LibreOffice and same problem.

I then deleted C:\Users(NAME OF MY COMPUTER/ME)\AppData\Roaming\LIbreOffice\4 and everything works now.

The AppData folder is hidden so you have to figure out how to view hidden files with your specific operating system.

I had been running LibreOffice since version 4.something and I guess something got corrupted.

If anyone can explain exactly what happened, that would be interesting to know.

Hope this helps.

My 5ct - your action to shut down the computer corrupted your LibreOffice user profile totally. The user profile is stored in C:\Users\<YOU>\AppData\Roaming\LibreOffice\4 and therefore deleting this directory put your (“The user’s”) LibreOffice state into the state of a new user using LibreOffice for the first time.

I just wish the message would not have come up when I uninstalled LibreOffice and reinstalled it. Lesson learned I guess. Proof positive that you should never work on a Saturday : P