Favicon changes from libreoffice to randomly generated icon when accessing/leaving page

The icon randomly changes when switching to/from tab.
Expected behavior:
The LibreOffice icon stays the same when opening and switching to/from tab.
Actual behavior:
If I open a link on this forum in a new tab, the tab opens with the LibreOffice icon. If I switch to that tab, the icon changes to an icon which seems to be a randomly generated set of colored vertical lines and of a certain width. If I switch out of that tab, the icon changes to a different variation of the aforementioned components of the generated icon. This doesn’t seem to stop.

All these different colors are very distracting and makes it hard to keep track of the tabs that belong to this forum or questions that I am viewing on the forum and want to keep on referring to.

I don’t get that behaviour. For me it’s always the LibreOffice icon. Firefox 108.0.1 on Fedora.

This seems to only happen to tabs that are logged in to the site. I experience this with tor browser 12.0.1.

Normal LibreOffice icon: Firefox 108.0.1 on Windows 10 Enterprise. Logged or not.