Feasibility of data entry form with dropdown menu for foreign keys

Currently, I do not use forms for data entry in Base.
When I add a value into a table, which is represetend by a foreign key in another table, I manually enter the key.
Is it possible to create a data entry form for db.table, which allows me to select values in a dropdown menu from the foreign table db.table2 displaying the field db.table2.name, which adds the key db.table2.id to db.table.table2_id?

I use a MariaDB database for tracking information on my biological specimens in amateur microscopy and botany. Because I want to avoid writing a custom frontend, I am experimenting with LibreOffice Base for querying the DB. For reference I will attach a diagram of tables relations.
Specifically I would like to create data entry forms for my tables sample, slide and organism.
For fields represented by foreign keys, instead of a box for typing text, I would like to create a dropdown menu displaying a human readable field of the foreign table (like name) to select the foreign key.

I much apprechiate any help on this matter, as I was unable to find a guide on how to accomplish this.

Please have a look at this thread:

Nearly the same question: I described there how to create a list box, which show the content of a field of one table and saves the foreign key in the other table.
You have a table “slide”.
You create a table for “sample” with a subform “slides”.
In subform “slides” there are 3 other foreignkeys. All this keys will be filled by list boxes.
You will show “section”.“name” and save “section”.“id” in “slides”.“section_id”
… and the same way for “mounting_medium” and “staining”

Might be you want to put “sample” also as a list box, not as mainform. But there is many content in “sample” so I thought it has to be filled first before “slides” will be filled with content.

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Thank you very much, this answered my question! :smiley:

Just for reference, I was able to implement the solution accomplishing a clean looking data entry form.