[Feature Request] Add area to master slide

I use LibreOffice at work, but I cannot create a OTP-Version of our corporate PowerPoint template. The reason is because we have a master slide for chapters, which consists of a title, a subtitle and a chapter number:

In PowerPoint, all 3 items are editable. However, there is no way to add a third area (for the big chapter number). It doesn’t need to be an auto layout area. Just being able to pre-define a style let the user edit the content would be sufficient.

I’ve seen all the support requests and bug reports about this topic, some of them being submitted 5-8 years ago. So I figure it’s time to file a feature request for this.

Feature requests are treated the same way as bug reports. They need to be filed to https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=LibreOffice. Select enhancement for the field ‘Severity’.

Right. This is clearly stated here.

OK, thank you for the hint. I googled it, and got both places (ask.libreoffice.org and bugs.documentfoundation.org) in the search results. But I was confused about the domain “bugs.documentfoundation.org” vs. “ask.libreoffice.org”. My thinking was: I want to ask for a new feature in LibreOffice, I do not want to file a bug. And “libreoffice.org” seemed to be more close to my intent than “documentfoundation.org”.

I even searched for “feature request” on ask.libreoffice.org and saw that many people prefix their request with [Feature Request], so I assumed it is the proper way.

Looks like a “design vs. user experience” thing to me…

For the record: I created an “enhancement bug report” for this: