Feature Request: Calc - Option to Highlight row of selected cell

Almost every other time I use a spreadsheet program I wish it would just have the option to highlight the row of the current cell I have selected to make it easier for the eyes to trace back and forth along the current row.

This would be an absolutely incredible feature, and would be a clear advantage over Excel

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A workaround is to use the shortcut key for Select row. I believe it is shift+spacebar (can’t test it at the moment, sorry!)

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I tried and it works, even on multiple selected cells, nice tips, thanks

Doesn’t work for me on multiple selection on Libreoffice Calc (x64)

The author was referring to a rectangular range of cells.
If you sequentially select several rectangular ranges, then Shift + Enter will select the rows of the latter.

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Ctrl+shift is only a temporary fix – it applies to the row you are on, but will disappear as soon as you move the cursor to another row. Doing ctrl+shift all the time is not practical. Excel has the same problem. A Google search shows many people want it.

What is required is an option to make the row highlighting persistent. It’s an obvious improvement.