[FEATURE REQUEST] Go back to last cursor position

Hello everybody, just found about this forum, and if I can I would like to ask for a very little but useful (for me) addition. I found no way to do it.

on a press of a key, I would like to:

  1. go back for the last position in the text
  2. but do nothing if it is only a few lines or characters from current position

Would be useful on large texts, even if I make mistakes like “Ctrl-end” or “ctrl-home”.
Also very useful (main usage for me) if I’m working on a part, then have an idea to put elsewhere, then want to go back to 1st part.

Thank you

Evince has it. It is a very useful and badly needed feature! Why nobody upvote it?

2 things:

  1. Can you imagine a browser without a back button? Why should LO be any different?
  2. If the user does NOT fill out their personal info (menu:- Tools Options LibreOffice User Data First/last name/initials) then, when re-opening a previous file, it will open at the beginning of the file; filling out personal info will open it at the last saved position. In the 1st case pressing Shift+F5 moves to last saved position. This feature is already almost in place.

@AlexKemp Browser is different than LO. You go back and forth to different DOCUMENTS/URL, handling this is easy by a list in the program. Writer is ONE document not so easy to impossible.

Would be a very useful feature. Typical scenario: I’m editing something, then decided to search for a specific work in the current file, I hit upon a first occurrence, realize that I can go back to where I was before and there no way to do it.

This is still important and still needed, separately from bookmarks.
you jump from positions to other positions repeatedly while working with text documents, so, adding bookmark each time is not practical.
Also suppose that, you added a cross referance, you ctrl-clicked on that, you went to that section. You want to return to where you came. So, something like: Go Back, Go Forward, just like browsers, but movement in text, would be very nice feature.
I need this feature very much.

What do you mean by “last position in the text”?

a) The last character in file? CTRL+END.

b) Last position in line: END
c) Some other position: Insert | Bookmark. And then jump to bookmark by right click on status bar “Page” on bottom-left.

Please explain in detail what is “last position”. Please write your LibreOffice version and operating system name/version.

Hello :slight_smile:
None of these…

Say I’m writing on page 23, I have an idea that goes to 7th chapter, page 120. I go there with navigator, fast and easy.
I write my idea, 10 words maybe. Now I would like to go back easily to where I was before the idea, page 23.

((on Word it was done with F3) (very long time ago, dont even know if it does work like that now))

I agree. WordPerfect did this, long ago. In Grisemine’s example, I need to leave 23, find and copy some text and graphics on, say, 120, and then jump back exactly to where I was on 23, ready to paste.

Here’s a partial workaround for accidental home-end jumps: Command-Z or equivalent, Undo. The cursor goes back to the last place you did anything apart from moving the cursor. Be prepared to Redo it.

The function we want could be released easily, I hope.

A bit frustrated with OO now trying LO to navigate back after clicking on a hyperlink.
Within LO I could not find a solution either.
The solution of Ken doesn’t work for returning after following a hyperlink.
Try the OO solution by CodeLurker instead:
This works for LO too!

  1. Turn on macro´s in LibreOffice. Tools / Options / LibreOffice / Advanced
  2. Create a macro that inserts a special character eg #. Save as lastposition1
  3. Create a macro that searches for this character and deletes it. (use the delete function in the menu). Save as lastposition2
  4. Go to Tools / Customize / Events and select Save in LibreOffice. The name of the current document is the default saving position. Great! But this is a function you want to use for all documents.
  5. Assign the macro´s in opendocument (lastposition2) and and saving document (lastposition1).

When you close LibreOffice it will ask is you want to save your document, even if you have not changed a thing for it will add the special character # before closing. This way you will always find yourself in the position in the document where you last changed something.

It works! Thank you

You could work with Bookmarks (not as easy as F3) but it might do the trick.

Menue:Insert>Bookmark where you want to leave, give it a name.

After you are done Navigator, Bookmarks select yours and you are back or right-click on Page field in statusbar and select it from there (faster).


  1. This forum is for User-to-User help. Feature Requests should be filed here.

  2. Your request is probably not doable in a document envirement. Other than a browser where you jump between documents/url here you have to jump between many cursor positions. How should a programmer know to which last position to go?? Example: You work on page 1, now you need somthing on page 100. How do you go to P100? Pressing page down changes your last cursor position 100 times; using the vertical slider would work - you don’t touch the cusor position-. Now you start editing on page 100 → changing last cursor position constantly and then you want to go back to page 1quick; which is your last cursor position???

When I was working with my old TurboPascal / Delphi there was a nice quick bookmarking which would be nice to have here. With Ctrl-0 to Ctrl-9 you set a bookmark and with Shift+Ctrl+0 to 9 you could jump to the bookmark. Quick and easy.

You should notice that this forum is not the appropriate place for feature requests and also not for bug reports.

There is this site where you can find threads already pertaining to your concern. You also may create an account and subsequently file additional bug reports and feature requests (which are handled there in exactly the same way).


A dedicated toolbar already exists to navigate (Back- Forward) in the navigation history (in the titles).

Menu View Toolbars Navigation.

Example of use: open a document containing titles, display the navigator, double-click on a title to display the paragraph, double-click on another title. You can use the buttons to return to the previous.

Note: this tool does not store the action “go to a page number” with the navigator.


@AlexKemp gave the perfect answer for me in the comment to the question - thank you:

If the user does NOT fill out their
personal info (menu:-
DataFirst/last name/initials) then,
when re-opening a previous file, it
will open at the beginning of the
file; filling out personal info will
open it at the last saved position. In
the 1st case pressing Shift+F5 moves
to last saved position. This feature
is already almost in place.