feature request: hide menubar option

Hello to all
(This feature request was mentioned in some older posts:) I’d really like to have the posibillity to hide the menu-bar in LO Writer - or Calc.
I know this is automatically set when entering full-screen mode, but I really need this option with LO running in a smaller window/pane.
I am “developping” a suite of several opensource applications working together in adjacent panes.
E.g. Notepad++ has this possibility. When set in the options-department the menu-bar is hidden, and pressing the Alt-key the menu-bar popsup again and allows you to navigate or use your Alt shortkeys to command.

Question was asked in 2012.
I wonder if this is picked up somewhere/somehow.
Or did I miss it and is the option build in nowadays?
Thanks for any answer


You can search here.

For me this option is also important :slight_smile:
I hope somebody will handle this.

There’s a workaround

See https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/show_bug.cgi?id=90195 where this is already handled.

Feature requests should be posted at bugzilla, not here.