Feature request: icon or menu to rapidly change languages for marked text

First of all: Thank you all for developing such a nice piece of software!! I really appreciate your work!

Since I use Libreoffice constantly in changing languages and the language is not detected automatically by the program,

I would like to ask if it was possible to create an menu icon in the future where it is rapidly possible to change the language for a marked paragraph with lets say in two or three easy steps.

So far you have to do seven steps:

  • → click on tools
  • → language
  • → for all text
  • → click on more
  • → click on language icon
  • → scroll down a looong list and click on chosen language
  • → click on OK

Furthermore you have to pay attention that the menu-subfolders don’t close because you accidentally scrolled over an area that is not a menu item (which happens quite often).

That’s just too much IMHO. sometimes I just want to write down some few words and I have to go through all this procedure over and over again. It can be really annoying if you do so four or five times a day. Or just imagine you have a document where you constantly change the language for several paragraphs. Happens quite often if you work with several languages.

Creating such an item could be fantastic and make a lot of multilingual peoples life with libreoffice much easier.
I would suggest to create an icon that could work the following way:

  • click on the icon
  • " a menu with only the installed languages and a “more…” button appears.
    With one click on the language the marked text sections changes. the “more …” button leads to the language menu.

I could also think of two alternative ways to implement it:

First and maybe even better could be to implement this procedure in the menu that opens up if you mark a text section and click with the right mouse button. Implemented there I would not even have to search for a tiny icon.

Second, the icon could be placed in the right menu pane e.g. in the “character” section.


This tool already exists : Right Click the language zone in status bar…


did not saw that one. thanks.

You can submit suggestions for improvements at Feedback | LibreOffice - Free Office Suite - Based on OpenOffice - Compatible with Microsoft

However, assuming I have understood your request, I think you can already do what you want now using Paragraph Styles.
I use the Sidebar > Styles and Formatting > Paragraph Styles. This allows me, for example, to switch between English, American, French and German by a simple mouse click. (F11 toggles the sidebar on and off)

I use the Default Style paragraph style and create the new styles inheriting the characteristics of the default and call them say Default Style-German. Go to the FONT setting and select the language you want, (assuming you have the dictionary installed). The new styles will show up in the Styles and formatting window.

LibO Styles give some very powerful formatting options and it is well worth giving them a look. Hope this helps Peter.

I would add it seems to me the right way (using styles) to go when you have elaborate and recurring work to do.

To give a more thorough solution, “Paragraph styles” set “global” properties to a paragraph (block of text) while “Character Styles” can be used to set “local” properties (e.g. changing language for a single word).