[Feature Request] Improve Image Import & Insert to Impress from the Internet

I’m a college ESL (English as a 2d Language) prof and use a TON of images in presentations for my students. The one I’m working on now has 50 images (vectors, gif’s, & videos) in the first 20 slides. Being able to offer this much visual input to complement the written and auditory input I provide my ESL students is a huge boon. I get repeated compliments from students & admin that the students both learn better and enjoy learning with this teaching style. (Plus, with Covid, I need presentations as I teach online during lock down phases. )

Most colleges here in SE Asia have Google Classroom, which comes with Google Slides. It’s very easy to insert images from the internet into Slides. Vectors can be copy/pasted from Google Images. (Click the image and Images will open a side panel. Wait a sec for the vector to load, then you can copy/paste.) Videos & gif’s can be inserted with a couple clicks using the web address.

With Impress, vectors paste with a black, instead of transparent, background. I have searched and cannot find an option to import a gif or video at all. With the amount of images I need, having to save the image or video, then open a dialog box to search for it again before inserting is simply a non-starter. (I do not even have textbooks to support me, so I have to develop the curriculum, lessons, teaching materials, and tests by myself.) This is unfortunate as I really prefer LibreOffice.

If it is necessary to save the images on the local drive, I may have a suggestion. Could there be an insert button that opens a dialog to save the image (or download the video/gif) locally that then automatically insert the image as it is saved? That would be a little slower, but I think it would be a decent workaround. It saves the excess constant window switching at least.

Lastly, THANK YOU to all the folks that help make LibreOffice the great program that it is. I’ve been using the program for several years and love it.

Please take a minute and read this Introduction - Feature Request and what it states about where Feature Requests should go to.

Thank you.
I find this forum rather confusing to move around in, so I appreciate the help.