[FEATURE REQUEST] LibreOffice Writer - Review > Combine multiple documents with comments funtion (MS Word similar)

Feature suggested - short description: Ability to combine various documents from multiple authors into one, including their comments.

Use case: Often one base document is produced, which is sent out to multiple reviewers. These reviewers add their comments to the base document and sent it back to the original author, most likely to be discussed in the group and eventually be finalised. Since the most efficient process is that reviewers work in parallel, the original author receives many versions of the same document, each with its individual set of comments by reviewers.

In current LO Writer (v 7.3): In current LO Writer, the “Compare” and “Merge” options are not able to produce one resulting document that contains all potential changes by reviewers (Track changes), while also keeping all comments of all reviewers. Both LO functions execute changes, either not keeping the base document (text), and, most importantly, sees the documents as different, and thus will not include, or delete some reviewers comments. In addition, the LO merge option can also result in just glueing together of multiple documents, resulting in a duplication of the same text.

Fact that this use case can’t be (to my knowledge) achieved makes LO Wiriter unfit for use in a collaborative productivity setting.

Example of working example elsewhere: MS Word “Review > Compare> Combine (with comments)” function (https://www.technipages.com/word-merge-comments-and-changes-from-multiple-documents)

You may find at this link

the information to use bugzilla to request enhancements, as here is no forum for developers…

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