[Feature Request] No-Print User Friendly Background Stationary Images

As a professional user (business), I usually have pre-printed stationary, but, now-a-days might as well just sent a PDF per mail. I want both to have the same corporate look.

LO offers me to either cover the area (which is close to useless as it only covers the page area (without margins), or I can set a background image on the footer, for example (which requires a footer, which I probably don’t need and has it’s own undesired side effects to my work-flow).

However, I would like to be able to just set a global stationary (like the area functionality, but more concise) to the page, which behaves as follows:

  • Any image auto-scales to the full page, but I would be able to adapt it
  • It would be set in the background, and would not be click-able so would never disturb my regular editing work-flow
  • I would have the option (by default checked) to make it Non-Printable, which WOULD NOT affect the PDF export, so that when I export to PDF via the export dialogue, the image shows up, whereas when I print via the normal printing dialogue, it would not show.
  • MAYBE, in the respective dialogue I would have an option to uncheck (PDF export) or to include it (normal printing). But this might be a loss in UX because of too many options, and if I set it on the image is because I meant it that way.

PS: Scaling should take into account bleeding if a design element is touching the boundaries, so that no bleeding ever occurs in the PDF. Now, it works, but I already see the pitfall coming… :slight_smile:

PPS: A stationary-wizard would be just the right thing to do, I guess. I have never seen a tool which does solve this day-to-day problem in a really elegant way, so LO can be pioneer, here…

PPPS: Please upvote if you feel alike.

Hi! Feature request should be placed at Bugzilla, that’s where developers are :slight_smile: Doubt it will take effect here.

Maybe it is easier to add your digital artwork as a background to the exported pdf afterwards ? PDFTKBuilder (gnu) or another similar program can do that.