[Feature request] one (or two) more interval for axis grid in charts (old, unclear: Tertiary axis in Calc charts)

I would love to have one more axis in calc charts (or even more than one, but one would already be great!) in addition to the main and the secondary axis, e.g. to display time divided in 1) years 2) quarters 3) months or 1) months 2) weeks 3) days.

I guess there are tons more examples where one more axis would make charts easier and more comfortable to read.

(I’m sorry if this was the wrong place to post a feature request!)

I suppose you misunderstand the secondary axis purpose. It’'s not to further divide units from primary axis; it’s meant for different values (like displaying both money (primary) and weight (secondary) by time (y axis) on same diagram)

Perhaps you could add a feature request here

sorry, I have really been unclear with my question. I was not primarily asking for a tertiary axis (although more than 2 would really be great).

To be more precise, I would like to have more grids in a chart (at least one more). There is just a MAJOR and a MINOR grid, and I would like to be able to display e.g. years (fat grid) quarters (normal grid) and months (fine grid).

I really hope that will be possible one day!