[FEATURE REQUEST] right-click to launch selection in mediawiki format (in text editor)

I regularly want to paste content from a word doc into media wiki. Today to do this you need to:

  1. export and save the whole document, then
  2. find and open that text file,
  3. edit it down to just the section you want, then
  4. paste/save it into the wiki. An optional cleanup step is then to
  5. delete the temporary export .txt file

Having a right click menu option that directly converts a highlighted selection directly into mediawiki (and launches it in your default text editor as a new file) would be a big time saver, eliminating 3 of the 5 steps above

This feature could be implemented just in Writer first, but would eventually be useful in Calc (you could select a portion of a spreadsheet to format as a wiki table) and Impress also.

Have you tried in?:
Menu/File/Export - Type = Media wiki.

Is there a kind of Tutorial to configure that?
I try it “Menu/File/Export - Type = Media wiki” and nothing happens…

Take a look in documentation: