[Feature Request] Word count before & after current position

The word count in the status bar is very useful. I think it would be useful to also have a feature allowing users to position the cursor anywhere in the document and know the number of words before and after that point.

  • Last week I was writing a 6000-word essay. The word count in LO Writer included the bibliography. It would be good to be able to place the cursor in the document, e.g. after the concluding paragraph, and see the word count before and after that point.
  • As a translator, I open a document in one language and work through it translating it to another language. It would be good to know my progress, e.g. 900 words before / 1700 words after the point currently at.

As a workaround, with the cursor in the point of interest, press Ctrl Shift Home to select everything from that point to the beginning of the document and then read in the status bar the word count of the selected text. With Ctrl Shift End you can select up to the end of the document.

You can fill feature requests on LibO’s Bugzilla system.