[FEATURE REQUEST] Writer - Select entire row of text

Hello Everyone,

The ability to select an entire row of text in Writer with one click.
For example starting in Windows 7, Wordpad received a feature where if the mouse cursor is to the right of where text begins when typing, the cursor is an arrow pointing up and to the left. If you move your cursor to the left of a row of text (in the left margin) the mouse cursor then changes to an arrow pointing up and to the right allowing you to click the left mouse button and it will highlight the entire row of text.

Not a huge deal, but would this ever be considered to be programmed into Writer.
Does anyone else desire this?
Note I am aware that you can triple click the mouse in the left margin to get a similar result, but the way Wordpad performs this is more desired if possible.

Thank You

The place to request features is Bugzilla

Looked into Bugzilla but I am a little confused, first of all didn’t realize mozilla had anything to do with Libre products, but is Bugzilla just for bugs found or is this where to request features as well?
I noticed others using [FEATURE REQUEST] prefix which is why I did the same.

Yes Bugzilla is used as bug tracking tool by the development team of LibreOffice. For feature requests set the importance of the bug to enhancement.