Feature similar to #tag known from social networks?

Is it possible to call up a predefined list of words from Libreoffice Writer after typing a certain character (for example #) or with a keyboard shortcut, from which I would choose and the word would be inserted into the text? Something similar to when e.g. on facebook you type # or @ and you start writing text, then facebook offers you tags. I see that you also have something similar implemented here.Thank you.

You’re probably interested in a feature called AutoText.

You type the “name” of an entry and immediately F3. The “name” is replaced by the “value” of the name.

You can record your own entries with Tools>AutoText. (Under Dtandard, you’ll find an assortment of built-in entries.)

  • Type some text in your document and select it
  • Tools>AutoText
  • Click on *My AutoTextand puchAutoTextforNew (text only)` command
  • Close dialog

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But what you are describing is a slightly different function than I asked. I need when I write e.g. the word #design to pop up some list of my predefined words and phrases related to design: automotive design, kitchen design, interior design, product design. Is such a thing possible? We use Wordpress and I need article writers to use predefined tags that are already on the server.

Perhaps with some kinf of cutomisation of auto completion, but I have not tested it.

Does this insertion occur in common text or have some sort of form where these tags can be inserted only in some fields? In this case, you could design a form and have a “tags” fields with an associated drop-down menu from which to choose a word.

The AutoText allows showing the suggestion as a tooltip; then, using Ctrl(+Shift)+Tab, you may step through the suggestions starting from the characters entered. The feature only gives you the suggestion starting from 3 entered characters.