Field/Column limit in Base?

Hi all,

I was going to us MS Access for a project but found that it has a field/column limit of 255. Does Base exceed this limit? I could not find any clear answer from the guide, wiki, etc. so I thought I would ask here.

Thank you!

Stick to Access, but choose another database backend. However, running out of columns indicates poor database design.

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Thanks I understand the column issue and database design…in my case there is a reason there are so many columns since this example isn’t the typical Access examples you see about customer data, orders, etc.

Basically I have scientific samples, each with their own location and contextual info, and then each sample contains plant taxa with counts.

I am attempting to do this with many different locations (sites) for a regional analysis and thus many different taxa.

Do you have any suggestions or places to start with how this could work within the 255 field limit? Thanks.

This is a many-to-many relation, which does not require a new column for each taxon.
See , relation between persons and things. Each person can be associated to many things and vice versa.

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