Field width in Table view

I have created a table with a variety of field types including Varchar and fixed text.
Some fields contain text that are maybe up to 40 characters in length.
When I view the populated table in Table view, the columns of these fields truncate the contents to between 9 and 13 characters (depending on the size of the characters eg “i” or “w”).
How can I get the Table view to show the full width of the fields, expanding the column to accommodate the maximum field width?
This occurs with both Varchar and Fixed text.


Nothing is being truncated. It is simply the column is not wide enough to display all the data present. If you place the cursor in the field you can use the right arrow key to scroll to the end of the data. To widen the column, place the mouse pointer on the right line in the header for the column you want to resize. It will turn to a double arrow. Then hold down the left mouse button and drag the line until you have the desired width.

Do this for all columns you want. The new column sizes will be retained and displayed as set when next opened.

Another method is to right mouse click the heading of the column you wish to change then select Column width... and modify the size in the dialog.

You can also change row sized in the same manner.

OK. Thanks you for that. I can’t believe I didn’t try that. All good

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