Figiure index style changing for no reason

Hi there,
So I added a figure index to my document. That’s all fine but for some reason the first figure entry is listed in italics. All other entries are normal text as they should be. I checked the styles for the index and it has only two listed, one for the tiltle (figure index heading) and one for the entries (figure index 1).
Any ideas why the first entry isn’t displayed properly?

Character formatting and direct formatting are above paragraph formatting.

Select the index and press Ctrl + M (remove direct formatting. Then double-click the “No character style” character style in the character styles - sidebar.

Is it OK now?

Another problem could arise if you do not save in LibreOffice native format, it is ODT.

Please also specify which operating system and which LibreOffice version you are working with. Thank you.

Yes, removing the direct formatting worked. Thank you so much!

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