File association for LibreOffice

How can I set LibreOffice to open all files that it can open? The install utility for changing associations does not seem to work on Windows 2000. It would be convenient if there was a utility (or check box) to all it from within LO itself.

Every operating system does this differently. But every operating system offers tools to configure this.

In older Windows versions you can associate file name extensions with applications via some function in the Windows Explorer menu (“folder options”, or something similar) or via some command line program.

I guess also applies to your version of Windows.

In many programs you can just select to do it from a menu (e.g. see IrfanView for an excellent model). This is far easier considering users don’t necessarily know all the possible files and LibreOffice can open.

Plus consider if (like me) you are installing LO on multiple computers - I don’t have time to manually set all file associations. There really needs to be an option, again like I say, IrfanView.

Note…there is a problem with 3.6 and later where the file associations and file launch from directory does not work reliabily

So even if you do pin association…on 3.6 it may dissappear after a few weeks.