File creation date changed by LibO 6.1 - bug?!

Version 6.1 is changing file creation dates (some many years old) to the file modification date, a major nuisance with serious ramifications. It needs to be fixed.

I am on Microsoft Windows version 10.0.7134.285

Files modified in other programs retain their creation date. The problem did not exist in Libre Office prior to version 6.1.

On what operating system?

This looks highly related to tdf#119238. Though the problem manifestation discussed there is much less serious, I believe, the root cause must be the same.

Though, please file a dedicated bug, and put tdf#119238 as See Also there.

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Bug reports go to

(From my still very limited experience I cannot confirm the claim.)

Confirmed with LO v6.1.1.2 x64 on Windows 7 x64.
In the Windows file Properties dialog the Created, Modified, and Accessed date/time are all the same.
Appears to be setting all to the latest Modified time.

In the LO document properties the Created and Modified info is still correct.

You should file a Bug Report.


If I’m not wrong those file date-time are set up by the operating system.

Yes the OS does this, but LO is doing something which apparently makes the OS think this is a new file.
The Created date should not change.

Another example: Looking at the file properties of a pdf from my scanner, it was modified (I inserted a comment.) by my foxit reader 9 seconds later. (I’m no that fast.) The last access is identical with creation time. Formerly Win often showd me the Now() time for most recent access. Correct! I had accessed the file by asking for its properties. I think we simply shouldn’ take Win for a reliable system.