File Format Nightmare for videos

I have spent hours trying to embed a video in a slide presentation and converted it first to MP4 then to an Ogg file and it still won’t accept it saying ‘file format not supported’

What is one to do -dance on hot coals chanting magic formulas?

E.g., one may check other questions like this one, and thank various distros for splitting LibreOffice so much to separate packages not pre-installed with main package that it cannot do basic tasks.

Well - of course, one could also read guidelines and provide some info on OS and LO versions and other relevant things.

What you can do is disclose all the facts. For example, which OS and LO version is used. And please read the guidline. Thanks.

Sorry-I’m using Windows 10 and LO 6.0-thanks

See this answer for the information on what LO needs to support a format. I must only say that I have installed K-Lite codec pack, and was able to use MP4 in Impress.