File icon missing in manjaro & Fedora

In Debian, each file created by libreoffice has a proper icon. But when I save a file created by libreoffice in Manjaro and Fedora, it does not have an icon, it shows the top page as the icon. Why is that? I can provide screenshots to illustrate.

Under Debian installation, there are many files in /opt/libreoffice, but there is nothing in /opt/ in Manjaro or Fedora.

Yesterday I tried Libreoffice in Neon KDE. Saving a file as .odt shows a blank icon. The same file saves as .docx in the same directory shows a proper icon. This happens with XFCE in Manjaro and Fedora also, but not on Debian. How to fix this?

I used distro package management for installing LO. Clicking on the blank icon produces the desired results, that is, LO opens properly, and I am able to work. Only the icon is blank.

Then the extension vs. application association is correct. It might be a desktop management issue (maybe a stale cache). Try F5 while displaying a directory contents (though I doubt this is enough to force icon refresh).

The icon database may have been damaged. Try right-clicking the blank icon and Properties. Press the File type options button (or equivalent). You can now force a specific icon for this file type.

Installation under /opt/libreoffice indicates it’s not a distro package installation but a 3rd party installation, maybe a TDF build downloaded from or some other source.

Some desktop managers (notably KDE and GNOME) offer the possibility to show file contents instead of an icon. Check the display options.

Where applications are installed is distribution-dependent. This is why it is highly recommended to install through the distro package management utility and to not mix package sources. On my Fedora machine, LO lies mainly in /usr/lib64/libreoffice with some utilities/libraries in other directories.

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