File properties, Description

Hello people,

There is a Properties window for Calc files which have a tab called “Description”.

image description

Is there a way to use one of these fields (Title, Subject, or Comments) to display a comment in of the metadata columns in Windows 10 ?

I tried using the “Comments” field in the Description of the file Properties but unfortunately any entry there does not reflect in the Comments column.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

On my Windows 10 system adding a comment to Comments makes the comment visible in column Comments of File Explorer.

In addition to Comments, I was able to see the values of Title and Subject. So, it must work. Just try it

Hello guys
No it’s not working on my end.

I add a comment but it does show in the Comments column in File Explorer after I save & close the file.
As you can see from the screenshot below. I’ve got a regular comment but nothing showing up in the Comments column.

OMG! Thanks for the very big image! In the question it was too small, it was hard to notice - do you save files in Excel format? Just gobble up the same thing as a Calc file (.ods)

Ok. I tried in saving in an .ods file. It still does not show the comment.
For some reason, I cannot post a picture on this Comment reply on this forum.

OK scrap the above comment. I did manage to have the Comments work in .ods format. Only once I save and close the file (not open in Calc anymore).