File search not working ?

I am in Libre Office and want to open an old invoice. When I search nothing comes up." No results".

I tried to search for a recent file, the last one I did, which shows on the main search window, but when i search for it “No results”?

So now I cannot search for any files to open as I just get " no results" when I can actually see them in the file window before I search for them? I have tried changing file types etc when I search and still " no results".

Frustrating having to scroll through 1000’s of files looking for one. The search function used to work and now it doesn’t?

What operating system and LibreOffice version? Are you using the LibreOffice dialog, Menu/Tools/Options/View/Open-Save dialog.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no “file search function” in LO. This is usually a task for the file manager of your OS.