File size in Linux and Win XP

A writer file that I’ve editing many times in XP dropped its file size after editing and saving in Linux. I don’t think anything has been changed but I can’t check because the amount of text is extensive. Does anyone know what could be happening and is this normal?

OS: Linux Mint 13 and Win XP SP3.

Compare the text contents by saving as plain text in both versions and then compare the plaintext version.

Or use Word Count from Tools|Options of from the Document statistics.

Or use the compare documents functionality (Edit|Compare documents) on copies of your files.

Other than that - what order of magnitude is the change in filesize? It could be that a preview thumbnail is not created on linux while it is on windows for example.

Also different setting of “optimize ODF document for size” in Tools|Options→Load/Save→General can have a small impact (when not optimizing for size, the xml will have linebreaks and indentation, while when optimized for size, it is all stuffed in one single long line)

Thanks for the reply. The word count numbers are the same but I’m not sure how ‘Compare’ works as nothing happened. The change in file size was 15 K bytes so I can see how this is most likely the thumbnail. Thanks again.