filemaker FMP13 TO Libre Base - ODBC OR JDBC

  • personal use only on Mac OS X current

My personal use is with Linux systems but the answer is really the same no matter what OS.

When connecting Base to another product/database you must use the appropriate connector provided by them.

Personal experience using SDBC, JDBC or ODBC connectors shows some connectors may not work in different situations. SDBC typically results in the the fastest transfer of data but unlikely available for Filemaker. Have found little difference between JDBC and ODBC except that JDBC was easier to set up. Have also, again personal experience, had more problems with ODBC connectors & Base.

Also found this post (click here) where ODBC connector had situation with LO. Based on the post, be careful if using ODBC as to the connector used. This seems to be different depending on the Filemaker version. It also seems to show a successful connection using JDBC.

Hope this helps.

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