Filename character string added

Using LibreOffice ver (on a MacBook Air). New to LibreOffice but skilled user on other word processing software.

When I save an in-use file to my desktop, a second one seems to be created, but with a long string of chars after it.So I save ‘Chapter 3’, and on my desktop that file icon appears, but also a second one, ‘Chapter’. If I do a ‘Get Info’, they come up as being associated with rather than LibreOffice.

I HAVE been saving backups to TextEdit (copy/paste), until I become familiar with LibreOffice Write, because my first effort to save a file with LibreOffice ended up in some sort of lalaland.

Could there be a cross-pollination effect happening between processors? Does LibreOffice handle imported files (The document I’m editing was originally a .doc file that I dragged into LO. Worked fine til I closed it. Then reopening asked about links (?) and the file essentially was empty.

I really like your Word-ish interface and the way your program “feels.” I have Mac Pages and … is ‘despise’ too strong a word?

Thx for your help.