Files are all Read Only but allow editing but not saving

For last couple of weeks every file saved in that time first asks if I want to recover the file. It then states Recovery Failed. Pressing Finish then tells me the file is Read Only but can open it for Editing. After Editing, clicking Save doesnt give the original file name but Untitled. Selecting the original file name then tells me it cant be saved due to an error. However I can save it under another name, edit it a bit more and it wont allow me to save,

This is message

Error saving the document Untitled 1:
Error creating object.
Could not create backup copy.

Do you have AVG or Avast anti virus? It sounds like their anti ransomware settings in action.

You need to add soffice.bin to the list of allowed apps.

Yes I do have AVG so have looked at list of apps. soffice.bin is allowed but Trio Office was blocked. Now unblocked and it will now save as it should. Still says that file needs to be recovered though but I can live with that.

Soffice.exe was listed as an allowed app but Trio Office was shown as blocked. Now unblocked and I can now save the document with no problem. Still tells me I need to recover the document when I reopen it though.

I wanted something similar to MS Publisher to draw plans for a new boat. Trio seemed easiest to use.

If Trio is an equivalent to LibreOffice, then it is Draw…

Isn’t there any CAD application that could be more suitable?

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Did try a couple of CAD programs but couldn’t get on with them. An age thing. When I worked for Ford’s it was drawing boards, not computers.

Draw can be used for quite complex drawings, I know because I have used it for that.

Inkscape is a more powerful drawing program then Draw with some features that make it easier or quicker for some things.

Blender might be getting to close to cad programs for your comfort but does offer different views without having to redraw if you draw in 3D

If it cannot create the backup copy, it may hint that there is a rights issue with your profile. Make sure that you have read/write rights on all folders of your user profile: [Tutorial] The OpenOffice User Profile (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum

You can also try to reset it, see that post of the tutorial: [Tutorial] The OpenOffice User Profile (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum

The tutorial applies to LO as well (just adapt the path for LibreOffice).

Started to go through the Tutorial but cant get past pressing the Search icon after highlighting %AppData% and pressing Ctrl V. Just brings up a black screen listing popular apps

Ctrl C sorry.

Pressing Ctrl V then brings up AppData but no sign of OpenOffice or Trio Office listed on any of the options offered.

Paste merely %appdata% and see what you get.

Note that Trio seems to be merely a repackaging of LO. Not sure it’s really worth it.

Instead of clicking recover I clicked Discard. After the usual warning message the file opened and now every document I open open fine. So now all seems well.
Thanks for all advice.

Great, thanks to click the checkmark left of the answer so that it’s tagged as solved.

But the credit goes to Earnest Al I guess since AVG blocking Trio Office was the culprit.

Why use Trio Office BTW?