Files locked for editing

All Libre Office files on my computer are Locked for Editing. There are thousands of them. The vast majority have not been opened for years. It must have happened earlier today, either while I was using Libre Office or just afterwards. I saw some message windows that mentioned Acronis and Soffice.
I can open the files with Microsoft Office and Open Office. I uninstalled Libre Office, and then re-installed it. But I have the same problem.
I checked for lock.filename, but there don’t seem to be any

Hello @tomm,

For each of your locked documents try:

  1. Make a backup copy of the document ( for in case something goes wrong as a result of step 2 ),
  2. in the same folder as your document, find a hidden file named:


( where FILENAME.odt is the name of your document ), and delete it.

A less safe way would be to just delete all files that start with .~lock.

There are no lock files. Libre Office suddenly began to say that all files were locked. I think that something in Libre Office got corrupted. I did a Windows System Restore. That fixed it.
Thanks for the response