Files open in Calc as Read only show up as locked for editing by unknown user within Excel

I have a situation where I have a bunch of dummy terminals that just have a network folder with a few .xlsx files in it. I installed LibreOffice on these terminals so they could just open and view the files. They will never be editing them. There are one or two people who have full fledged versions of Excel 2019 and they use that to edit the files daily.

If the file is open in read only mode on a dummy terminals, which matches the Windows permissions for those users, the Excel users cannot open these files, they are locked for editing by an unknown user.

In the past the dummy terminals had MS Office on them as well but we recently upgraded our servers to 2019 and our Office to 2019 as well and decided to not purchase licenses for the dummy terminals to cut down on costs. The dummy terminals could open a file in Excel as read only. The office users could open the same file, while it was open on the dummy terminals, and edit it and save it without issue. The dummy terminals could then refresh or close / open the file and then see the new changes.

Is this a possibility with LibreOffice? Right now it doesn’t seem to be or least in the default configuration.


To give more details to this. The exact message I’m getting when opening a document in Excel, when it’s already open as Read Only in LibeOffice Calc is "Someone else is working in “File Path” right now. Please try again later. If I close the file in Calc, the Excel user can edit and save the file.

If the Calc user has it open in Read-Only, and I turned off “UseLocking” under advanced options, shouldn’t the Excel user be able to edit and save the file? The Calc user would need to close and open the file to see the changes yes but I don’t know why the Excel user is locked out of saving the file while it’s open in Calc.

I appreciate any help you can give. Thank you.

I ended up creating shortcuts using the -n flag to create a local copy of the file each time it is opened for the Calc users. The Excel users still open the files directly on the network share. Doing it this way, Calc isn’t placing any locks on the files and we can save normally.

Hi, can you explain to me on how to do it using -n flag? I’m not very clear about creating flags. Currently we have problem that unable to save files due to opened by libreoffice. Hope you can help me. Thanks.