Files with ANSI (cp1251) encoding

Hi everyone!

I have 2 files.
1 - UTF-8
2 - ANSI (cp1251)

Converting first file (UTF-8) to pdf → ok.
Converting second file (ANSI) to pdf → get wrong charset

How can I get right converting for second file?

how are you “converting”?

…and what is your locale?

Sorry for the delay wih answer.
Local: utf-8
convert\LibreOfficePortable5.3\App\libreoffice\program\soffice --headless --convert-to pdf --outdir “[PREVIEW]” “{SOURCE_FILE}”

Try something like

soffice --headless --infilter="Text (encoded):MS_1251,,,," --convert-to pdf --outdir "[PREVIEW]" "{SOURCE_FILE}"