Fill cells with formula adapting references

How can I create a column in which each cell will calculate it’s SUM formula, then the cell below will calculate the ‘same’ formula having been incrementally altered by its location on the sheet?

cell e4 solves the formula =SUM(e3+b4-c4)
cell e5 solves the formula =SUM( e4+b5-c5)
and so on…

I want to use the fill series function but I can’t seem to make it work for this.

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  • Using function SUM() is superfluous in your case. Using =E3+B4-C4 is sufficient.
  • Using Sheet -> Fill Cells -> Fill Series... won’t support your goal.


Just do the following:

  • Enter =E3+B4-C4 into cell E4
  • Select cell E4
  • Drag down the formula using the black square in the lower right corner of cell E4


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Hope that helps

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