Fill character kerning

Hi there,

is there a way to make the fill character of the tabstop element in an index table adhere to the kerning of the set character style?
My attempts to get whitespace between the fill characters all resulted in failure.

Thanks in advance

Your question can’t easily find an answer because you didn’t expose your goal and instead requested a fix for what you implemented.

In the Entries tab of the TOC properties, you can click on the T Structure item to get at its configuration.

Unfortunately, the Fill character is limited to a single character (as can be supposed from the label), but it can be formatted according to some Character style.

But, in the Position tab of this character style, the Spacing Character spacing has absolutely no effect. The only workaround I found was to change the font face is this character style. Monospaced fonts seem to space more fill characters than proportional fonts.

PS: CAUTION! It looks like assigning a character style to the T fill character applies also to the subsequent # when this latter has <None> character style. You must give it explicitly a character style to reset the effect of the previous one. This may be a bug.