Fill Format Mode - no key binding, how to enable with macro?

Hi there. Have gone through all the settings in Libreoffice keyboard bindings under Tools–> Customise and cannot find “Fill Format Mode”. Maybe it has another name or maybe it is not listed but cannot seem to find this.

Fill format mode” is visible under Styles and Formatting (F11) as a paintbrush looking button located “New Style from Selection” button which has a capital A and a crayon. When clicking toggling this mode the mouse cursor switches to a paint bucket so you can paint cells. This mode is useful for selecting cells which have been completed or looked at in a table, or sections of a word document. Apparently this mode is only available in Writer or Calc.

If there is no keyboard shortcut I can bind this how would I do this with a macro?

That function is not available for key binding, since it needs an argument (a style name), and when clicked on the sidebar, it uses currently selected style. When you are outside of the sidebar, and normally work with the document, the sidebar shows you styles assigned to current cell(s), so generally its current selection is not useful for running the function from a keyboard shortcut.

But possibly you want just apply some specific style? then just assign a shortcut to that style directly. Assignable styles are listed in the end of Category list in the customization dialog.