Fill with all the values of a named range

Hi. I’ve defined a range (let’s say A1:C250) with the name “Sales”. Now, I want to go to cell Q1 and paste all the values from that range, so that if I change something in the original range, it also changes there.
I know I can go to Q1, put “=A1” & drag both 3 cols and 250 rows, but this just an example. My real sheet has more than 45000 cells in 172 sets of 4 cols, each with a different name, and I don’t want to waste time doing 1 by 1.
Is there a way to put, for example, =Sales in Q1 & fill all 3 cols & 250 rows?

Thanks & greets from Argentina

Exactly that:
Type =Sales into upper-right cell of TargetRange and hit ctrl shift enter at same time

Thank you. It worked great. That’s silly because I always try as many key combinations as possible, but I didn’t think of that one.